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4 Ways to Free Yourself from Negative Thinking

Honolulu Therapist | East West Therapy Hawaii | Therapist in HonoluluWe all have a voice in our heads that constantly assesses our words, behavior, events and environment. At times, these thoughts can be both negative and critical. While some constructive criticism can be beneficial to improving one’s self, a pattern of negative thinking can distort your perception of who you are on the inside and outside and taint your interactions with others and the environment around you. Additionally, persistent negative thinking can result in you feeling depressed, angry, isolated, lonely and physically exhausted.

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At East West Therapy Hawaii, each client is provided the necessary tools to correct patterns of negative thinking to support a positive state of mind. To get you started on the road to a happier life, Dr. William Conti, PhD, offers these 4 ways to free yourself from negative thinking:  

    1. Listen to your inner-dialogue. Being aware of your thoughts is the first step in changing negative thinking. Negative thoughts will often race through your mind like a stampede of mad horses leaving you feeling emotional and judgmental of yourself and/or others. When you begin an inner-dialogue, listen to the slant of your thoughts to begin the process of change.
    2. Identify the presence and source of negative thoughts. Once you start to listen to your self-talk, you may notice patterns of negativity. Take note of when negative thoughts enter your mind and immediately draw attention to the who, what, where and why aspects of the thought process, so you can make meaningful changes to avoid similar episodes of negative thinking.
    3. Reframe negative thoughts. Having a negative dialogue about yourself, another person or an event is normal, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with it. For example, if you are thinking negatively about your performance at work, consider the tasks in which you excel to boost your confidence and then set goals with actionable steps that will lead to improvement of your skillset.
    4. Practice positive thinking and be consistent. If you notice a barrage of negative thoughts popping up or you foresee one coming, stop yourself from spiraling down the dark hole of negativity through consistently practicing positive thinking.


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If you cannot seem to transform your negative thought patterns into positive thinking, a Honolulu therapist can help you see life through a refreshing lens that discards the negative and embraces the positive. Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. William Conti, PhD, of East West Therapy Hawaii in Honolulu, HI, today by calling (213) 880-8262 and start feeling better!