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5 Practices for Daily Happiness

5 Practices for Daily Happiness | Honolulu Therapist | (213) 880-8262To live your life to the fullest, you must be committed to achieving a healthy heart, mind and body. While the heart, in this case, is the emotional and spiritual center of your whole self, the mind is the seat of your thought processes. Of course, your body must also be fed with healthy eating and exercise to supply your heart and mind with the fuel needed to actively participate in the goals you set for yourself, such as creating happiness. If you do not have the goal of feeling true contentment and satisfaction in life, you are ignoring the very foundation of wellness.

To assist you in manifesting a more fulfilling life, here are East West Therapy Hawaii’s 5 practices for daily happiness:

    1. Get the body ready by eating healthy, engaging in quality sleep and exercising on a regular basis. If the body is lacking essential vitamins and nutrients or fatigued, your heart and mind will be negatively affected and lack the focus and balance needed to find happiness in the day.


    1. Commit to self-awareness. Understanding that you can control your reactions to your environment can help you regulate your level of happiness, or lack thereof, throughout the day. Be mindful of the fact that any situation is what you make out of it and that not every thought needs your attention.  


    1. Be kind to yourself and others. As much as possible, practice kindness and acceptance of both yourself and others. While you will undoubtedly falter in practicing ceaseless positivity in your interactions, kindness is as much about interacting in a positive way as it is about forgiveness of yours and others. When you behave in a way that is not in-line with who you want to be, use it as a learning experience instead of as a chance to criticize yourself.


    1. Be present for yourself and others. Daily responsibilities can stand in the way of paying attention to the needs of yourself and others. Make a point to connect with the people around you in a meaningful way, which will give you the opportunity to communicate with others about your experiences and feel compassion for theirs.


  1. Take time for fun. Whatever makes you feel happy, spend time doing it on a daily basis. Even if you can only spend 10 minutes a day on a stress-relieving activity, promise yourself to do it every day. This can be reading a book, taking a walk, creating a piece of art, listening to music or laughing with family.


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