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How You Can Help Support The Mental Health of Your LGBTQ Loved Ones

As Simon and Garfunkel once sang, “The times they are a changin’.” With change, as in the ever-emerging LGBTQ community, new thoughts and ways of doing things–for our own benefit and for the benefit of others, becomes crucial, and even exciting, no matter what our own personal thoughts and beliefs might be. As Dorothy Johnson, a mother of two gay children, once said, “If there’s not enough...
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What is Spiritual Counseling and How Can it Help Me

At East West Therapy, we often think of the fairly recent advancement of spiritual counseling being a part of the world of psychotherapy and wonder, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” If you so desire, your very own personal belief system can now be blended with your mental thoughts and emotions to create deeper understanding as part of your healing process. Where spirituality and...
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Navigating the Stages of Grief

The Stages of Grief; How Grief Counseling Can Help Following the passing of a loved one, the pain from so much loss can make the grief process seem nearly impossible to endure. At East West Therapy Hawaii, we know that painful and sad feelings take time and effort to deal with, at a time when your mental energy feels unavailable. Grief Hurts, Counseling Helps Depending on the circumstances of...
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The Benefits of Meditation in LGBTQ+ Counseling

Why Meditation? In this day and age, the LGBTQ+ community is facing a variety of issues and anxieties. Having these issues addressed in counseling is vital to one’s mental health stability. At East West Therapy, we teach specific meditation techniques to those who have experienced all kinds of negative, anxiety-producing occurrences, such as:   Fear of retribution – arising from those...
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3 Tips for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is real and can throw your life off balance. In a world that is filled with so many daily stresses, the feelings of anxiety can feel discouraging and debilitating, if not managed correctly, as we do at East-West Therapy. Signs of Anxiety Some of the most common signs of anxiety include: racing heart heart palpitations shortness of breath chest pain upset stomach feeling like you are...
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