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Navigating the Stages of Grief

The Stages of Grief; How Grief Counseling Can Help Following the passing of a loved one, the pain from so much loss can make the grief process seem nearly impossible to endure. At East West Therapy Hawaii, we know that painful and sad feelings take time and effort to deal with, at a time when your mental energy feels unavailable. Grief Hurts, Counseling Helps Depending on the circumstances of...
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How Exercise Can Help with Depression

How Exercise Can Help with Depression Do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine? Doctors and researchers are unanimous in observing that exercising can be very beneficial to your health, so give it a try next time you’re feeling persistently blue! Read on to learn about how exercising on a regular basis can ease those symptoms of depression. Exercise Eases Symptoms Exercising can be...
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Effective Goal Setting Could Help With Depression

Depression, true clinical depression, is a horrific burden to bear. Struggling with depression can manifest in many way, and be made worse by many things. One of the more common problems a person fighting depression encounters is feeling as if they cannot accomplish anything. A highly-depressed person is not going to wake up in the morning, throw open the windows, and yell out “I can do...
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The Truth About Facing Depression and How to Overcome it

Everybody knows depression spikes when a new year starts. Feelings of isolation can increase after the holidays, when people seemed to be around every corner. Feelings of inadequacy may intensify at a time when many people are reflecting on the previous year and planning for the next one. The specific reasons are as varied as the people who feel depression. Depression can be tough to deal with...
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Types of Music to Help Heal the Body and Mind

At East-West Therapy in Hawaii we care about more than just a person’s mental state, we care about the health of their mind, body, and soul. Dr. William Conti goes beyond traditional psychotherapy practices, adding creative treatments such as Dreamwork, Meditation Practice, and Sandplay Therapy. Just as these contribute to healing, music is another important tool for healing the body and...
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Does Nature Help with Depression?

There is something blissful about being out in nature. When you’re stuck inside of an office or live within the city, your brain is going a mile a minute and you never get a chance to fully relax. While the world is moving into rapid development, it’s easy to forget that nature can make you feel better. If you’re feeling down, stuck, and sad, considering talking about it with someone who...
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