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3 Tips for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is real and can throw your life off balance. In a world that is filled with so many daily stresses, the feelings of anxiety can feel discouraging and debilitating, if not managed correctly, as we do at East-West Therapy. Signs of Anxiety Some of the most common signs of anxiety include: racing heart heart palpitations shortness of breath chest pain upset stomach feeling like you are...
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What Is Teletherapy?

We at East-West Therapy Hawaii are here to serve and nurture you and your unique needs. We provide the best telepathy services and know how to provide excellent care around your busy schedule. Residents of Honolulu should schedule a 15-minute free consultation with us at East-West Therapy Hawaii for a new supportive and safe space.   What is Teletherapy? Teletherapy with us at East-West...
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Techniques to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety Management Techniques Anxiety attacks can be debilitating, putting a halt to your day until it passes. Every patient experiences anxiety differently, with different causes, symptoms, and treatments. It’s important to diagnose anxiety as early as possible to avoid future agony. Identifying triggers and planning effective treatments helps to keep it under control so you can get on with...
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Benefits of Couples Therapy

Most couples try to work things out on their own, or with the advice of family or friends. But many more couples today are turning to couples therapy to sort through and resolve their problems. If troubled couples don’t seek help from a professional, a good relationship could be lost forever, and this could even impact future relationships. Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consultation Now!  ...
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How Therapy Can Help Make it Easier Coming Out to Family & Friends

What Does Coming Out Mean? “Coming out of the closet,” or sometimes simply “coming out,” is a term used for the process that LGBT individuals go through to accept their orientation or identity and share it with the rest of the world, especially the people closest to them. It can be a difficult and anxiety-ridden process for many of these individuals. It’s a personal choice to come out, but...
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Managing Depression Through Teletherapy

What is Depression Teletherapy? Also called telepsychology, telemental health, telepractice or distance therapy, it’s one aspect of virtual medicine. People who need depression therapy sometimes can’t travel to a therapist’s office — those who live in rural areas or need a specialist not available locally. For them, a virtual office visit can provide the mental health care they...
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