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How to Cope with an HIV Diagnosis

If you have just been diagnosed with HIV, you are probably feeling a whirlwind of emotions. These emotions might range in intensity: anything from the cavernous hollow of vulnerability, to the yellow taste of fear, the heat of anger, or even the heavy weight of grief. Your diagnosis might have left you feeling unsure of the next immediate step.

That is okay.

Whatever emotions you are feeling in this moment are valid. There is no right or wrong way to react to this. The only challenge is to process your emotions in a healthy manner. That will be different for everyone.

After an HIV diagnosis, it is obviously important to take care of your physical body. But it is also vital to address your mental and emotional health. A holistic approach to your wellbeing can help you process your diagnosis and move forward with your care. East West Therapy Hawaii is ready to assist you through this critical time.

Sometimes this sort of medical news shocks us to the very core of our soul. It might feel as though your context-the life in which you comfortably dwelled within-has fallen away. Grief is a deep sorrow that might make you feel as though who you were before exists no more. Through grief counseling, it is possible to realize that you are still capable of thriving. It is a safe space in which you can slowly unburden yourself. You will examine your thoughts, one-by-one. Then you will start assimilating these findings with your being: your values, your vision, your future.

Everyone experiences ups and downs in life. Finding out you tested positive can make you feel hopeless and even helpless in the face of these normal ups and downs. If you are overwhelmed with anxiety, sadness, or lethargy, you might want to consider depression treatment. Depression treatment provides a nonjudgmental space for you to release the shame and fear that binds you. At East West Therapy Hawaii, our depression treatment can help you move safely through these heavy emotions.

Life is an odyssey within which we strive for connection, meaning, and authenticity. Remember: with strength you have conquered your past challenges, and with strength you will navigate this one.  East West Therapy Hawaii is here for you. Contact us today about our therapy services. These services will help you move forward with your HIV diagnosis in the happiest and healthiest way possible.beach-394503_960_720