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Does Nature Help with Depression?

Does Nature Help With Depression | Honolulu Depression TreatmentThere is something blissful about being out in nature. When you’re stuck inside of an office or live within the city, your brain is going a mile a minute and you never get a chance to fully relax. While the world is moving into rapid development, it’s easy to forget that nature can make you feel better.

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How does nature make you feel better? Simply being out in nature allows you to enjoy several beneficial effects.

  1. Emotional Well-Being: The Mind Organization did a study in which 95% of participants had significant mood improvements after spending time outdoors. Not only were they happier, but their symptoms of depression and anxiety were reduced. Mindful time spent out in nature reduces stress, improves your mood, promotes energy flow in the body and is the perfect solution for anyone feeling blue.
  2. Physical Benefits: A study done by Kaplan in 1995 demonstrated that people who are closer to nature and go into nature more often have a higher life expectancy. This has to do not only with the physical walking or hiking in nature, but also with the increase in oxygen and the reduction of pollutants due to the abundance of trees in the area. Stress reduction is also experienced in nature and spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
  3. Attention Benefits: With all of the stress everyone’s day to day can produce, sometimes it’s good to just embrace quiet and stillness. Getting outside allows your mind to embrace solitude, remove yourself from the business of everyday life, and relax.

There are also healing properties when out in nature. Ulrich R.S. conducted a study in 1984 where patients that just had surgery recovered faster when they were allowed to stare out into a courtyard or at trees. Patients that were forced to stare at a brick building needed higher pain medications, and had a longer recovery time following surgery.

Both physical and psychological benefits are experienced by simply being out in nature.

Honolulu Depression Therapy

The reconnection with nature is something that everyone can do, but many people ignore the natural beauty around them. The next time you feel depressed or are longing for answers, take a day to spend time in nature. Everyone experiences ups and downs. If you are considering depression therapy in Honolulu, HI, schedule an appointment with East West Therapy Hawaii today by calling (213) 880-8262.