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Managing Depression Through Teletherapy

What is Depression Teletherapy?

Also called telepsychology, telemental health, telepractice or distance therapy, it’s one aspect of virtual medicine. People who need depression therapy sometimes can’t travel to a therapist’s office — those who live in rural areas or need a specialist not available locally. For them, a virtual office visit can provide the mental health care they need via email, online chat, phone call or video conference. Obviously, there are limitations — the therapist can’t see the full body language of the patient, and your teletherapist must have a license in your state.

So far, however, the benefits have outstripped the challenges. One study indicated that, after 18 months, three-quarters of patients using phone-based therapy reported their depression much or very much improved. Less than two-thirds of that study’s participants receiving regular care made the same self-evaluation. One study is hardly conclusive, but it says the program is working for some and should be on the options list.

Using Teletherapy to Manage Depression

Regardless of how the teletherapy is conducted, some generalities apply:

Therapy sessions are private between you and your therapist, as with more traditional methods. It focuses on altering your activities and thinking patterns to produce a happier, healthier life.

You, the patient, always control your therapy. You don’t have to share anything you don’t want to. What might you discuss? Anxiety, conduct boundaries, communication skills, depression, personal/professional goals, sleep habits, relationships and more.

The therapist will help you choose enjoyable activities or better ways to do what you already do. Over time, new habits form as you begin to experience positive feelings; you repeat the positive behaviors, leading to more fun in daily activities which leads to physically feeling better.

How long does teletherapy take? Sadly, that’s entirely individual; it takes as long as it takes. Humans are complex creatures, there a few quick fixes to our problems.

The Top Psychotherapist in Honolulu

East-West Therapy Hawaii offers individuals a safe, supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental, and nurturing space where they may explore and grow. Dr. William Conti, Ph.D., uses Carl Jung’s methodology because Jung’s concepts connect the psychological and spiritual aspects of life. He’s found that psychological terminology is often used to describe experiences which are actually spiritual and vice-versa. Whether via teletherapy sessions or in-office depression therapy, Dr. Conti and the staff always put our patients’ health as our top priority.