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3 Ways Psychotherapy Can Help With Chronic Pain

In life, it’s important to remember the days can be long but the years are short. This is how chronic pain happens. It starts out as regular pain one day. Before you know it, years have passed and the pain that started out as an isolated incident is now chronic.

Modern medicine is great at dealing with pain. It’s even pretty good at dealing with the physical cause of pain. Unfortunately, pain, especially chronic pain, can be much more than a physical problem. Chronic pain can lead to depression, and difficulties with the people and relationships in your life. This is where therapy comes in. While medical doctors take care of the physical pain and problems causing it therapists, such as Dr. William Conti, can treat the emotional trauma associated with chronic pain.

Some of it is in the Mind

Chronic pain is real, we know this. The thing to remember is that some symptoms of chronic pain are in the mind. Chronic pain effects how we interact with people on a daily basis, how we think about the world around us, and how we feel about ourselves. Medically trained doctors aren’t equipped to deal with these aspects of chronic pain management. A therapist is trained to help you work through issues such as these.

Outside Support is more Valuable Than We Realize

Having someone outside of your daily experience to share your struggles with is a powerful thing. Meeting with a therapist gives you a safe haven to express your thoughts and feelings. Dealing with chronic pain isn’t easy, and by having a safe haven to talk about your struggles you don’t have to feel as if you face them alone.

Pain Management Without Drugs

This is a pretty tall order. The truth is that chronic pain almost always needs some level of medication. What a therapist can bring in is alternatives that lessen the reliance on drugs. After learning about you, your pain, and your life situation the therapist can help you learn different techniques for pain management that don’t rely on drugs.

Therapist Waikiki at East-West Therapy

If you’re experiencing chronic pain and need someone to talk to in Waikiki or surrounding communities please reach out to us at EastWest Therapy. You will be rewarded with a safe, supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental, and nurturing space where we can help you find new ways to deal with your chronic pain.