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Is Being Selfish Always Bad?

We are taught to share from a very early age. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, sharing is good. Putting others first is an important part of many philosophies. Even commercials on TV will suggest we spend money helping others with their troubles.

Sometimes we may not want to help others though. Perhaps we’re struggling to see where we can give to others. Maybe we feel as if others are taking advantage of us. Whatever the reason, sometimes the actions we decide to take will have others feel like we’re being selfish.

Generally speaking, being selfish isn’t socially acceptable. Our society has ingrained helping others. If we are seen denying help to others that, from the outside, seems like it should be easy for us to provide we can find ourselves at the receiving end of scornful looks or harsh words.

Selfish is defined as lacking concern for others, for being concerned primarily with oneself. When people see someone take actions that appear to benefit that person more than they benefit others, they may cry out that the person is being selfish. The truth is, whether the person was selfish or not, the people crying foul are in the wrong.

Think of your energy as a water tank which you get limited chances to refill. You can allow others to drink from this tank, but you need to survive off of it as well. If you spend too much time helping others drink from the tank you may miss a chance to refill it, or you end up needing more after it’s depleted.

There are times in life when the best thing we can do to help others is take care of ourselves first. If we don’t take some time to help ourselves we will eventually be unable to help others. This may be as simple as saying no to someone, or as difficult as asking someone else for help in a time of need.

If you are in one of those times of need and can’t find someone to help you then seek out a professional. East West Therapy in Honolulu, HI provides counseling for those fighting with anxiety or guilt brought on not only by feelings of selfishness, but for any other reason as well. Call 213-880-8262 today to schedule an appointment.