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What is “Teletherapy”?

Teletherapy refers to the offering and conducting of health and/or mental health services by electronic means and formats which include: 1.) Video sessions where the therapist and patient interact both visually and verbally and 2.) Solely verbal communication via the telephone, computer, or other devices.


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Popularity of Teletherapy

In today’s busy and increasingly active world, many people would like to see a therapist to help with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family problems, etc. but don’t feel they have the time to “fit one more thing” into their busy schedules. These situations may include:

– Busy moms who are already feel over-stressed with the demands of caring for their homes, many scheduled activities of their children, and need for self-care.

– Fathers whose day is filled with the responsibilities of career, work, providing for their families, quality time with their children, exercise and health, etc.

– Individuals living in underserved areas such as small towns and rural areas where seeing a therapist on a weekly basis might mean an impossibly long drive.

– People with physical limitations which prevent them from leaving home on a regular basis.

– Individuals who do not have reliable personal transportation nor have appropriate public transportation available to them

– Members of the Military who are often living on base or in unfamiliar communities. Military families exhibit one of the highest rates of utilization of Telemedicine and Teletherapy in the United States.

– Clients whose anxiety may not yet be managed sufficiently yet to allow them to go out to meet a therapist in person.

– Professionals who travel frequently during their work week and may find themselves in various cities around the U.S. and the world on any given day.

We offer teletherapy/online therapy to residents of Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.