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The Benefits of Sandplay Therapy for Adults

Honolulu Psychotherapist Services | East West Therapy Hawaii | 213-880-8262The deeper emotions, blockages and attachments we hold can be difficult to access and surmount in traditional therapy sessions without the use of tools that promote expression. As a Honolulu psychotherapist, our  Sandplay therapy can be an effective way to move beyond the surface of our being, dig into the recessions of our inner-workings and, for some, access inner areas of the psyche of which we may be unaware.  The benefits of sandplay therapy for adults are numerous, but few have heard of this useful instrument that can encourage a healing breakthrough when it is used in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

In sandplay therapy, a rectangular tray is partly filled with sand, and a selection of figurines is provided for placement in the tray, giving you the opportunity to run fingers through the sand, build mountains and create a miniature world. By simply playing with the sand itself, the benefit of sandplay therapy becomes palpable. The mind may quiet in a meditative manner and emotions, issues, and complexes may be expressed symbolically which may be healing in itself. When creativity begins to flow and figures are arranged in the sand, creating scenes, both the therapist and patient are afforded a snapshot of the condition of the psyche and some of the major issues seeking expression.  Sandplay has been described as a “waking dream.”  Regaining a sense of control, the Sandplay Therapy process  can allow for a safe exploration of traumatic memories and life’s attachments to aid in an understanding of the role these blockages can play in failing to attain a balance within one’s self and with the outside environment. To realize the full benefits of sand tray therapy, it is necessary to work with a highly skilled, trained and experienced therapist, like Dr. William Conti, PhD, or opportunities for healing will go unnoticed.

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