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What Is The Jungian Methodology?

What Is The Jungian Methodology?

Western medical models tend to view inner struggles as symptoms or disorders that need to be fixed. The Jungian methodology, however, disagrees with this view. Created by Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung (1875 – 1961), the Jungian methodology views these struggles as a means of communication from the psyche. According to this methodology, your psyche uses these inner battles as a way to announce that something new is on the horizon.

The Jungian Methodology is often considered a psychology of your unconsciousness. It uses conscious, unconscious and physical manifestations, energies and behavior to investigate and determine the psyche’s call. (This is unlike Western medical models which typically only addresses the conscious and psychical indicators.) It often includes dream work, active imagination, explication, and amplification. In the Jungian methodology, these techniques help the therapist and patient to identify what the psyche is attempting to convey.

Benefits of Using the Jungian Methodology

The benefits of the Jungian methodology go beyond the Western medical models. Therapists who employ the Jungian methodology do not judge, isolate, or fix a person. With the Jungian methodology, a therapist does not negatively label an individual. Instead, they work with their patients to fully understand the changes the psyche are calling for. Providing them with a positive, supportive environment, therapists who utilize the Jungian methodology enhance individuality and foster humane relations.

Every person’s psyche strives to help him or her live up to their full potential. Jungian methodology helps support one’s journey and personal development. Because the Jungian methodology focuses on all of your personal energies, it creates a more conscious and balanced psyche.

A Wholesome Approach to Teletherapy

East-West Therapy in Hawaii offers Jungian methodology-style therapy. However, sessions are not limited to in-person treatments. Dr. Conti also offers teletherapy sessions.

Still using the Jungian methodology approach to wellbeing, teletherapy sessions allow Dr. Conti to work with patients who may not live in the immediate area. They also allow local patients to continue their therapy sessions while away on travel. This means patients can continue to work on understanding their psyche and finding balance any time, anywhere.

The Jungian methodology approach can help anyone find the balance between his or her psyche needs. Contact East-West Therapy today to find out more!